Sunday, May 5, 2013

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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

   Hello, my name is Robert Tuerk #156 for Traffic Court Judge.  I’m a lawyer, arbitrator, mediator, and an active volunteer in the community.  I’m the only lawyer on the ballot for this court of law.  

   I’ve practiced law for over 17 years, including over 12 years of Traffic Law.  I’ve lived in Philadelphia for most of my 50 years, and my family is from Philadelphia.  I know our community, and I know its needs. 

   I earned my law degree from Temple Law, and I have a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Criminal Justice Administration.  I was the Chairperson of the Bar’s Traffic Law Committee from 2006 through 2008.

   Now, what is Traffic Court?  Traffic Court is a criminal court punishable by up to 6 months in jail.  It starts with Fines, Points, Suspensions, and then Jail. 

   It’s a serious court.  For instance, last year a non-lawyer Traffic Court judge violated a family man’s constitutional rights by jailing him without legal representation several weeks prior to his trial.  I had to attain the release of this wrongfully jailed man through a writ of habeas corpus.

   So, it’s important to note that Traffic Court involves more than common sense.  It involves the U.S. and Pennsylvania Constitutions, the Crimes Code, the Vehicle Code, the Rules of Criminal Procedure, the Local Rules of Court, the Code of Federal Regulations, appellate court opinions, the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, and the Geneva Convention on Road Traffic.

   Sadly, much of this is unknown by the non-lawyer Traffic Court judges, but I know this jurisprudence, and I will not ignore it.  I will keep your neighborhoods safe from truly reckless drivers, and I will conduct fair professional trials based upon the real law – not some notion of the law.
   Everybody knows that Traffic Court needs drastic improvement, and I have many ideas to improve this court.  For instance, I want to institute a program to allow people that can’t afford to pay their fines to pay down a portion of them through community service, and give good drivers the opportunity to keep their licenses by completing an online driver education course when they’re facing a first time suspension.

   I’m the most qualified candidate, because I offer you real competence, experience, fairness, and justice for all.

   With your help, I will be elected one of your next Traffic Court judges, so you will finally have a qualified lawyer judge in Traffic Court – I’m Robert Tuerk #156, thank you.